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IT and Data Strategic Planning
Cloud Services

Let us help guide you through the development of a strategic plan around your IT and Data needs.  You will receive a 3 year, forward looking plan that provides a roadmap, milestones, and actionable tasks that ensure you get the highest ROI and lowest cost for exceptional, modern IT systems.  We are certain that with our assistance, you can make IT work for you, simplifying your overall management of these systems and preparing you for future growth.

Data Management and Reporting

Your company's most important asset may be it's data.  Most companies are not utilizing the wealth of insight that is contained within the enormous amounts of data that is collected. Regardless of the type of data - customer, sales, marketing, financial data or other unstructured types, we can help you synthesize your data and build the reporting and data governance disciplines needed to provide you with those rich business insights.  We are experts in defining your busines challenges and identifying the data collection and reportings structures that you need to enhance your business success.  In addition, we can show you tools, methods, processes, and procedures that ensure your long-term success.

Data Visualization/Dashboarding

We can make sense of complex and disparate datasets by leveraging cutting-edge tools like Tableau, ClickVue, R, and others to provide interactive data visualizations. These allow you to understand the real story that the data is telling, and get refreshed data on a daily basis to ensure you never get off track. A picture is worth a thousand words, and our interactive visualizations take that concept to the next level in business management.

We are stong advocates of utilizing cloud services in a secure way to provide on-demand software and services with minimal up-front costs.  Whether your business needs to migrate to Office 365 from an existing platform, or build your own specialized cloud services with Azure or Amazon Web Services, we've got you covered.  We have experience helping companies replace expensive hardware and resource heavy solutions with state-of-the-art technologies that can almost run themselves.

Business Process Automation

Are you leveraging your company's existing software tools - (you know, the ones you've already paid for), to the fullest? Are daily employee tasks time consuming and error-prone?  We start with an analysis of your business processes and then find ways of streamlining and automating these processes with existing tools or by proposing cost-effective tools that can be implemented in-house or in the cloud. Learn how to maximize common business tools like SharePoint, VOIP, Salesforce and search engines to save money and scale your business quickly for growth.


Not only can we help you determine how to drive your technology plan forward, we can teach you the technical skills to be self-sufficient and manage your IT expenses wisely.  We can provide custom training for your people from technology usage and management, to building dashboards and databases.  We truly enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with others!

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